FAA licensed students and staff flying enterprise grade drones with state-of-the-art mapping software helping people grow food and restore coastal resources

Summer is always our busiest season, and 2019 was no less exciting. In 60 days the Academy staff, students, and clients carried out the following camps and missions:

  • hosted a drone seminar for our school stakeholders,
  • conducted a seminar at OSU for Oregon teachers on using drones to teach,
  • ran an FAA 107 knowledge testing camp boasting a 90% pass rate,
  • ran a drone camp for the Consolidated Tribes of Siletz Indians,
  • completed intertidal eelgrass mapping for the Port of Newport,
  • provided data from restored saltmarshes of the Salmon River estuary to OSU,
  • presented a research paper and a poster at the National Marine Educators Association,
  • carried out two student workshops in New England,
  • conducted an all-day seminar for New Hampshire teachers on how to use mapping using drones,
  • completed the detailed seasonal mapping of eelgrass for a large portion of Netarts Bay for the State of Oregon,
  • designed and built a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) for mapping eelgrass beds, and
  • conducted load, balance, and performance trials of our MI-600 drones in the coastal range focussing on carrying air quality sampling gear into smoke and gas plumes (forest fires and/or volcanoes).
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