Ready, Set, Drone!

Are you ready,? Then grab a drone and let’s go!

The Lab Pack comes all the supplies needed for ground school and flight training including:

  • 1-Course Text
  • 1-Pilot log book
  • 1-Mini Quadcopter
  • 1-quick start guide with digital curriculum
  • 1-Radio controller
  • 4-AA rechargeable batteries
  • 1- 5-bay battery charger
  • 5- LiPo batteries
  • 1-Set of prop guards
  • 10- Extra propellers
  • 1-Flying goggles
  • 1-LiPo safe storage bag

  • Essential Drone Knowledge
  • Flight Safety
  • Basic Piloting Skills
  • Drone Rules & Ethics
  • Drones and the Future

Students will be introduced to the FAA Part 107 ground school instruction and encouraged to begin studying for their FAA Remote Pilot (Part 107) Knowledge Test.

 sUAS Flight School: Students are issued a trainer, sUAS, and learn to fly them, and log their time. Students are required to post their logbooks and flight scrapbook on a program called Padlet to share with sUAS pilots in their cohort. The pilot that posts the most logged hours wins designation as the “Top Gun” for the class.

Certificate of Completion: Students are required to pass a quiz each day and a final exam at the end to received a Certificate of Completion from the Coastal Drone Academy. This Certificate can be used as proof of sUAS training required prior to sitting for their commercial drone license test.

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