Mastering Coastal Mapping

Next summer, Coastal Drone Academy and PACE (at Oregon State University) are considering offering a marine mapping summer camp. The course will be in July 2020 to coincide with our lowest tides of the year. The course will run two and 1/2 days and will take place on the coast of Oregon, at an eelgrass bed, a saltmarsh, a sand beach, a rocky shore and a coastal forest.

  1. We will provide our students with Phantom 4 RTKs and Phantom 4Pro V2 drones, mapping software, instruction documents and workflow aids. They will receive all the documents necessary to take what they learned with them and use them in the field. Other classes have basic forms but nothing workflow specific and no acquisition guides.

  2. Our class is not just processing, our students work with licensed drone mapping pilots to go out and fly missions. The drone mapping course will include the following and more

  • Time in the field with multiple flight exercises to map

  • Multiple acquisition strategies for the most lifelike models

  • Processing strategies for the best results

  • Using GCP’s for accurate data collection

  • Cleaning up and classifying point clouds for delivery optimization

  • Client Delivery options and best practices

  • Examples of curriculum to use with your students

  • Group roundtable on client acquisition strategies and best practices

We’re excited about this unique and interesting subject to map.

Data Acquisition sites: Netarts Bay (seagrass), Yaquina Bay (saltmarshes), Gleneden Beach (sand beaches) and Rocky Point (rocky shores).

  • A unique and fun environment to learn mapping strategies and skills

  • A great opportunity to learn how to collect data in a challenging environment.

  • Learn the relationships between manual tie points (MTP’s) and polylines and the importance of understanding this relationship

The cost for this two and 1-2-day course is $950. Students may bring their own UAV for this class. Recommended drones include Phantom 4, Phantom 4 Pro, or a Phantom 4 RTK. You will also need a Windows machine with the minimum specs found HERE.

We limit the class to four participants and expect you to own or be about to purchase a P4 Pro V2 or a P4 RTK. Some of our collaborators show up early to setup new equipment and get our free ½ day training on this equipment prior to the mapping course. Also if you’re looking to enhance your flight skills, we are hosting an additional ½ day of training, our Flight Mastery Course. The flight mastery course is a training based on our obstacle course built from 12 exercises to build confidence in student’s ability to fly and make educated decisions in flight.

This course will focus on individual flight movements that aid in the development of a firm foundation of flight knowledge and experience. Participants will work with experienced pilots who will guide them through the process of improving their flight skills and understanding of UAV operations.