Fee for Service

We are FAA licensed, insured, commercial pilots and can deploy drones to conduct almost any job not limited to Natural Resource Assessment, Fire & Public Safety, Search & Rescue, Industrial, Real Estate, Construction, Agricultural, Insurance, and Entertainment sectors.

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First we will analyze your job needs and scope the work based on risk, regulatory and legal considerations (National or State Parks, sites within 1 mile of water processing, military, or electrical grid resources, within 5 miles of an airport). Then our drone services contract with a 2018 price sheet will be sent to you. Scheduling follows contracting. Meet me out at my office (above) to get started:

Chuck Getter, Chief Pilot

  • p: (541) 921-9627/ e: getterc@oregonstate.edu
  • All flying is done under my supervision and my FAA private pilot’s license since 1985/ FAA commercial drone license
  • We have 3 additional licensed drone pilots, numerous visual observers, data managers, battery technicians, drivers, and all are safety and first aid trained/
  • We have 2- 4WD trucks and a van, a portable field operations center including communications (walkie-talkies), a field repair station, redundant drone equipment, remote internet, phone and data systems. Data is reviewed, and then backed up in the field prior to demobilization.
  • Qualified in fixed wing and rotary aircraft including: Phantom 3s/4, Matrice 600 Pro, eBee SQ and RTK; Drone flight instructor- Business, gov’t, university clients, licensed high school drone teacher (Coastal Drone Academy); Aerial surveys of over 20,000 miles of shoreline, completed several hundred service contracts, and managed several hundred thousand dollars worth of personal service contracts for government and private clients.
  • All contracts and invoices are in the name of Community Services Consortium, which operates Career Tech High School as a 501 (c) 3 non-profit entity. The school and its charter company are the service company providers for all contracts.