“So far…we have nine mentors (4 with PhDs), a GIS mapping platform with bed printers, oceanographic vessels (including the R/V Oceanus), bay boats with drivers, mapping software and ArcGIS, and access to their research sites that include active volcanos of the south Pacific and Chilean alps, access to the North Pacific ocean, the spectacular coasts, watersheds, mountains and forests including tribal lands of the Pacific Northwest.”

These are things that our collaborators (mentors) are providing; in return we provide skilled drone technicians with the following proficiencies:


ESTUARIES OF THE NORTHWEST: Pictured above: Engaging students in authentic curriculum. Pictured below: Ground control points with rigorous field procedures producing 0.1 inch accuracy.

THE NORTH PACIFIC OCEAN: Click here to read about flying drones off the deck of a ship at sea.Pacific Storm_HDR

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