We train drone pilots and we teach large-scale, survey-grade coastal map making (click here to read about our latest mapping project). Shown below is the area of next spring’s Port of Newport flights including 1) the International Terminal, 2) the North Commercial Boat Basin, and 3) the South Beach Marina where we will be doing topographic (volumetric) mapping of dredge spoils and intertidal seagrass mapping.Port of Newport

Community Services Consortium (click to view our website) offers a broad range of education programs throughout our state, including our charter school called Career Tech Charter High School in Lincoln City Oregon. The scope of our six class program culminates in a large-scale coastal mapping project for a client, building flight-mapping plan, laying in ground control points, flying drones and collecting hundreds (thousands) of aerial photos, processing them, building shapefiles and exporting them to a GIS (Geographic Information System), helping create a coastal resource management plan. Repeat yearly to monitor climate change.

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