I am Dr. Chuck Getter founder and director of the Coastal Drone Academy. I spent 20 years as a coastal scientist and researcher, flying in planes and helicopters mapping the coast of the US and many countries and assessing man’s impact there. Now I am a licensed high school teacher engaging my student pilots in carrying our research while learning coastal science using drones.

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Helping me carry out this program, I have four co-instructors three in coastal resources management and one in aviation.

Tony in fielddr tony 1

Tony D’Andrea (above), Project Leader, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, in field, then giving a lecture on estuarine ecology, prior to our Netarts Bay seagrass census mission. These Coastal Drone Academy pilots will fly their drones in support of Dr. D’Andrea’s projects.

Evan Hayduk, (right) Restoration Specialist, Midcoast Watersheds Council, giving an overview of the Yaquina Bay, Oregon Tidal Restoration project. These pilots will fly their drones over a 38 acre restoration project in support of one of Mr. Hayduk’s projects.

Mr. Ian Keene (below) of CTSI (Confederated Tribes of the Siletz Indians) is an award-winning urban forester, restoration ecologist, and fisheries biologist. He is currently the Aquatics Program Biologist and serves as the wetlands restoration scientist as well. Our students have worked with Mr. Keene for several years, learning forestry from him in his previous role as an urban and restoration forester. Mr. Keene is developing field methodologies with our pilots to census large areas of land using drone technology.

ian fixedThese are three of our guest lecturers/scientists who actively instruct our students in the project goals and areas of expertise. Students work side-by-side with our students, learning their trade while assisting them, doing marine science research tasks with them.

Flight Instructors: In addition to the natural resource instructors, flight crew activities are coordinated by Career Tech staff Michelle Rogers. Ms. Rogers teaches a separate course for new pilots, “Recreational drone flying, Part 101”.

ms rogers.pngMs. Michelle Rogers (above), Coastal Drone Academy Pilot, Teacher, Flight Crew Chief