2-Get training…

Through a nationally recognized (dual college credit) aviation program of study (below), logging dozens of hours using our simulator lab and our fleet of UAS (drones) you will encouraged to enter flight training. You will be encouraged to start flight training including ground school, discovery flights, and help to write multiple applications for grants to cover your personal flight training expenses.

This puts you closer to training by the airlines:

Career Tech High Aviation

Course List in the Aeronautics/Aviation Program of Study


AERO 090 Careers in Aviation

AERO 091 Launching into Aviation

AERO 092 Exploring Aviation and Aerospace

AV 101 Introduction to Remote Flight (Drones)


AERO 101   Introduction to Flight

AERO 102   Aircraft Systems and Performance

AERO 111 The Flying Environment

AERO 112 Flight Planning

AV 102 Remote Pilot Operations (Drones)


AERO 121 Preflight Your Career

AERO 122 The Capstone Experience

AV 103 Remote Pilot Missions (Drones)

You can do this yourself, but if you want a coach and mentor to get you aircraft, get you the training, get you launched in an aviation career and help you write scholarship applications then enroll in our courses. Seats are limited.
1-Get an aircraft…2-Get training…3-Get launched in an aviation career4-Scholarship/career programs