Marine Studies

Above left is a rendering of the new $62 million OSU Hatfield Marine Study Center that is under construction. Our projects are geared to train technicians to support marine studies. Our specific projects are tied to major marine events “of opportunity” like availability of university vessels and seasonal spawning events of salmon and trout and the migration of whales. Many jobs and internships result from these skills, some of which support OSU Hatfield’s growing research fleet; below is OSU-Hatfield’s latest research vessel.

OSU Vessel

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Drone Enterprise Course

AV 104 Drone Enterprise (Advanced): In this specialty course students receive instruction and test for their 24-hour OSHA Hazmat card. Students experience workbench soldering practice, and spend additional hours doing a dissect and reassemble project with a drone. In addition they provide service doing maintenance, repair and inventory of a drone fleet.

Intro to Drones Course

AV 101 Introduction to Drones (Prerequisite to advance to AV 102): Students get their Red Cross First Aid, CPR, and their OSHA Hazmat Awareness certificates. They develop a log-book, beginning to track 50 hours of flying trainer drones, with the goal of obtaining enough logged hours to apply for the “Drone Pro” rating from the Unmanned Safety Institute.

Drone Missions Course

AV 103 Drone Missions (Advanced): In this course the students participate in real world mapping missions for our collaborators. Students continue to build their log book to 55 flight hours, now adding 5 hours of logged simulator time. This course requires the student to measure precise locations, logging hours of work with a data collector generating ground control points. Students learn ArcGIS software to integrate the ground control points. Students create a portfolio demonstrating that they have hours of training and have produced numerous GIS files using client’s data.

MONITORING MAN’S IMPACT: “The Port can provide a classroom, outdoor work space, and access…to map intertidal eelgrass in Yaquina Bay; this will assist the Port in monitoring on-going mitigation projects…we will provide access to Port professionals, areas for data collection, and space to complete a Coastal Development unit for your students” Aaron B. Port of Newportport of newport



Drone Operations Course

AV 102 Drone Operations (Required for Program Completion): Students continue to fly trainers with the goal to log 50 hours of flight time. They begin ground school to achieve mastery of the material in the FAA Remote Pilot “Knowledge Test”. The preparation for this test includes obtaining an ODOT identification, taking a comprehensive practice test once a month until reaching a passing score, while working on demonstrated weaknesses in the material. When and if proficiency is reached, the student may aim to pass the FAA Knowledge Test. Students then master mapping software. Students may then chose to attempt the national exam and certification offered by Pix4DMapper in this area.