By Sea

Megafauna surveys

We are chartered by Community Services Consortium and our mission is to create opportunities for youth left behind. We offer relevant ocean science and conservation field-based opportunities for low-income and disaster-impacted (wildfire and COVID-19) high school students in the communities of Polk, Benton, and Lincoln Counties.  Many of our work-study and high school students and their families have been devastated by COVID-19, underemployment, and the wildfires. 

To meet this gap we have developed a curriculum designed specifically to overcome opportunity gaps and to ensure summer enrichment, and in some cases credit recovery. Unlike other “sea camps” there is no fee. Nor is there a grade-point requirement. Our in-house CSC and CTHS personnel will conduct intensive outreach to their existing youth to fill the classes with young people who school counselors and teachers believe have been left behind in education and career opportunities during the last 15 months.

We are constantly scheduling marine technician camps for low-income youth.  Each is limited to 8 students to allow a rich opportunity for each youth. Each youth has a mentor, their own technology, transportation, food/drink, and PPE for outdoor camps; during covid-19 the class size is limited. Students will explore, discover, and research our local marine habitats led by local marine scientists under the direction of Dr. Chuck Getter, an experienced oceanographer instructor, and a licensed CTE instructor. Amy Getter, RN (and licensed CTE instructor) will ensure camp logistics including compliance with OHA safety guidelines and also coordinate all camp activities. Students work side-by-side (while staying socially distanced) with our collaborators’ expert ecologists and scientists working on important coastal projects while gaining 21st-century job skills.

Author: Dr. Chuck Getter

Nationally certified drone coach and instructor. Co-developed NOAA's ESI coastal mapping method. 25,000 miles mapped so far.

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