Virtual Reality


Join our second-year dronies as they turn to simulators, flight gaming, and FPV (first-person view) technology to refine their flying skills further. It is truly amazing what 30 hours of simulator time will do for your flying skills.

AV 106 Virtual Reality (Year 2): Lecture: The lectures that lay out the training exercises are an online “ground school” for VR students. Our VR lectures familiarize the students with a suite of VR hardware and software. Labs: The core of the exerience is a gaming computer loaded with a variety of flight exercises. Students attend workshops with an enterprise-grade sUAS flight simulator where they learn to operate the equipment we use in our Missions courses. Students are introduced to MS Flight Simulator 2020 requiring a realistic transcontinental cross-country flight to complete the course. The goal for each student is to develop the skills they need to be successful remote pilots using online training modules.

Fall Term – 0.5 Credit hours in Career & Technical Education (or Electives); Lab Packs and Workshop Simulators Limit Class Size

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