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AV 105 Digital Agriculture (Year 2): Lecture: This course introduces students to using drones to manage agricultural resources on the central Oregon coast.  Digital agriculture is the use of new and advanced technologies, integrated into one system, to enable coastal farmers and other stakeholders within the agriculture value chain to improve food production.  We use drones to assess cranberry bogs, berry farms, oyster beds, cattle ranches, and dairy farms.  Each student spends a year working with a producer to develop a plan, collect data, and integrate it into the management of their operations. Lab: Dr. Getter and his students operate fixed wing and rotary agro drones with multispectral cameras and gather large amounts of accurate photometric data. After quality control resulting maps are created using sophisticated crop analysis software. 

Depending on the needs of the producer Dr. Getter and his students produce measurements of plant health and identify parameters including:

  • Stand Count
  • Plant Population
  • Plant Stress Analysis
  • Weed Analysis
  • Pest Analysis
  • Plant Disease Analysi
  • Water Stress Analysis


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