Get a trainer drone, log hours of flight time, and learn to fly it.

AV 101 Drone Introduction (Year 1-Fall & Spring) Lecture: PREREQUISITE TO ALL DRONE COURSES. This course introduces students to unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and surveys current UAS platforms, sensors, terminology, challenges to integrating UAS to the national airspace system, and operations under FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) regulations for small unmanned aircraft (Part 107).  Content includes the first half of the FAA Part 107 ground school instruction.  Students use this knowledge to begin studying for their FAA Remote Pilot (Part 107) Knowledge Test.  Lab: Students are issued a trainer (sUAS). They learn to fly them, log time, and practice using lesson plans in the airspace, weather, performance, loading, emergency procedures, and crew resource management for the lab portion. 

Fall & Spring Term – 0.5 Credit hours in Career & Technical Education; Lab Packs and Workshop Simulators Limit Class Size

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