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includes flight training (at sea) for senior pilots, shown below is the OSU R/V Pacific Storm on station five miles off Newport, deploying a drone for flight training for Coastal Drone Academy pilots in April 2018.

My training and certification program uses a curriculum accepted by the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA), endorsed by major aviation insurance providers, and evaluated and recommended for college credit by the American Council on Education. The program is built on a comprehensive ground and flight school using Unmanned Safety Institute curriculum with its aviation emphasis.


My courses work through experiential, hands-on learning, and collaboration with local marine scientists, my pilots fly missions where they develop knowledge of the several key aspects of coastal resource management. I use a research-based education that involves students working on longer-term projects directly with industry and government collaborators, building on their knowledge of drones and how they apply directly to their coastal habitat missions. Through research-based learning students can develop the intellectual skills of critical analysis and also valuable transferable skills such as group work, time- and resource-management and data handling.

Elevation (topographic map of wetlands restoration site

Actual work done by our teams includes a wetlands delineation map (above and left column bottom).

Advanced student pilots have acquired knowledge and can challenge the FAA Remote Pilot Certificate (drone license) test.

107 license


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Teaching marine biology with drones

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