Throughout Spring 2018, ten of our student pilots, four of our instructors, and six technicians from our collaborators together completed the Netarts Bay Seagrass Mapping Mission (click Netarts Bay Mission pdf for more details).

It culminated in three days of flying together, producing over 25,000 images, and beginning a summer of analysis by “Einstein” (our supercomputer).

This course helps student pilots fill their log book with commercial flight time doing significant projects for our collaborators, including megafaunal (salmon and whale)

surveying, and coastal (beach, shore, bay, marsh, forest, and city) mapping. Click Salt marsh Poster to see a salt marsh restoration project we completed recently.

With continuous missions (we are booked out several months) student mastery results in application for Drone PRO™ which may increase with hours and years flown:


The emphasis of Marine Studies RPA Missions is to complete the USI Safety Course and passing the FAA 107 test and gain college credits.college credit

In the words of our collaborator, “The Port can provide a classroom, outdoor work space, and access…to map intertidal eelgrass in Yaquina Bay; this will assist the Port in monitoring on-going mitigation projects…we will provide access to Port professionals, areas for data collection, and space to complete a Coastal Development unit for your students” Aaron B. Port of Newportport of newportPowered by:

P4Prov2 w:goggles

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