Coastal drone missions


This course helps student pilots fill their log book with commercial flight time. They are assigned the task of carrying out missions for our collaborators, including flying assignments for a university, a state agency, a water resource council, and an Indian tribe as a way to build this time.

Course mastery results in application for Drone PRO™ rating where pilots log their first 50 hours. Level of rating may increase with hours and years flown:

PRO™ Basic Certification 50 hours (specific UAS) 1 year
PRO™ Level I 250 hours 2 years
PRO™ Level II 500 hours 3 years
PRO™ Level III 1000 hours 3 years

Even our rookie pilots begin their flying career doing useful work, before flying they are visual observers, data managers, battery technicians, or site security personnel while working for our two dozen collaborators, including:

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