Drone Missions Course

AV 103 Drone Missions (Advanced): In this course the students participate in real world mapping missions for our collaborators. Students continue to build their log book to 55 flight hours, now adding 5 hours of logged simulator time. This course requires the student to measure precise locations, logging hours of work with a data collector generating ground control points. Students learn ArcGIS software to integrate the ground control points. Students create a portfolio demonstrating that they have hours of training and have produced numerous GIS files using client’s data.

MONITORING MAN’S IMPACT: “The Port can provide a classroom, outdoor work space, and access…to map intertidal eelgrass in Yaquina Bay; this will assist the Port in monitoring on-going mitigation projects…we will provide access to Port professionals, areas for data collection, and space to complete a Coastal Development unit for your students” Aaron B. Port of Newportport of newport



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