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AV 102 Drone Ops Flight Imagery and Flight Mastery (Year 1-Spring)

Lecture: This course introduces students to UAS operations using Phantom 3 and 4 platforms, sensors, and terminology.  Students continue to explore the integration and application of UAS resources in United States airspace.  The course focuses on building and executing simulated operations in a non- combative environment.  Content includes the second half of Part 107 ground school instruction.  Lab: Student teams are issued commercial-grade drones for lab participation.  These are used to create orthophoto, topographic, vegetation, and 3D aerial maps while following lesson plans in radio communications, performance, physiological factors, decision making, airport operations, maintenance, and pre-flight procedures. 

AV 103 Drone Missions-Mariculture (Year 1-Summer)

Lecture: The summer begins with a week-long study and intensive session to prepare students to pass their FAA sUAS Knowledge exam.  The goal is to have at least ten students sit for the FAA Remote Pilot test.  We have a 90% pass rate for our students.  Summer lectures include introducing students to advanced unmanned aerial systems (UAS) mission planning and operations, as they progress to higher-level simulation and mission planning/ execution.  Lab: Student teams launch, recover, and maintain advanced Unmanned Aerial Systems for the lab portion.   The summer mission’s primary emphasis is the aerial assessment of a significant oyster culture operation in an Oregon estuary. 


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