We have eight enterprise-grade drones (above): two fixed-wing drones including a Sensefly eBee+ (RTK), and an eBee SQ; and five rotary drones including two DJI MI600 Pros w/ two Zenmuse S5 cameras, three Phantom 4 Pro v2s, and a Phantom 4RTK. 

We have a training fleet of drones (above): This includes three simulators and simulator software for training on rotary and fix winged drones. We have a training fleet of eight Phantom 3s (above), twelve Tellos, and over thirty Hubsan 4x trainers (shown above) that we fly in our flight annex. We fly our Phantoms using FPV (goggles), and have permission to use a local park and a local gymnasium for outdoor and indoor flight training. 


“The Airport Committee commends you on your achievements in helping students gain the skills and knowledge they need to be successful after graduation. The Airport Committee and the Newport Municipal Airport support your efforts to create a drone school and 107 drone testing center. Newport Municipal Airport.

Unknown“We greatly look forward to this partnership moving forward in a collaborative environment that fosters learning, STEM/STEAM educational opportunities for the youth in our area, and while providing highly advanced technological resources to help better manage our projects and the lands the Tribe and everyone in our area benefit from.” Confederated Tribe of Siletz Indians.